Metron is a fitness platform that delivers goal specific training plans combined with a patent-pending technology as a means to provide unique stimulus personalization to an exercise, via user inputs curated by affiliate authors.  In short, we provide the next step instruction on how to progress set by set, step by step, via a professionally authored program, housed in our all access plan membership. Most programs today will provide a plan but leave out the secret sauce, which often times leads to them floundering in the interpretation of the program authors intention.  By providing precision guidance via your run pacing and or specific estimated weight recommendations, you will progress as the author intended and provide faster results.

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Stimulus: Individually Optimized For Results

When you train, you are creating a response in a muscular cell. Metron uses your performance data to indicate what explicit intensity or stimulus you should perform at to maximize the result.  By training at your individualized stimulus, we eliminate wasted time and put you on the most efficient route to success.

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